Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Morning Batman, and Dedications.

After our outing to the museum yesterday morning, and after whipping up a batch of brownies, Maeve and I settled down to do some art. She wanted me to color with her, so I grabbed some construction paper and got to it.

Maeve is old enough now to know that Mommy's drawing skills are pretty sub-par. I think she expects me, as a grown person, to be able to draw just about anything accurately, and this is just not the case.

I drew this Batman Lego figure, as per request, and Maeve informed me he looked early. My brain thought she meant some kind of 1960's Batman, but she clarified. You know, Mom, everyone sleeps? And then they wake up?  Oh. Early in the morning Batman. And you know he's not a morning person. So I added the sun and coffee cup. Now he's Morning Batman.

Maeve pulled out all the stops, though, and colored Daddy a picture of Spiderman climbing a building, then carefully wrote his name at the bottom. It's funny, she really doesn't like writing and always fights me about it, but when we go over it together slowly and she does her best, she's so proud of herself. And of course, so am I!

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