Friday, September 26, 2014

The Evening Witching Hour

It's Friday, and we all accidentally slept in. What a great feeling! I'm sorry Daddy will be late for work, but gosh that felt good!

We were having a problem at dinnertime, and I'm saying this in the past tense because I'm hoping Daddy and I managed to come up with an idea to solve it.

The problem was super crankiness on Maeve's part between the hours of 4 and 6, resulting in a sheer refusal to eat dinner, plus many time-outs and sheer unpleasantness.

The solution? Bribes. No video games before dinner, only as a reward for good behavior after dinner. It worked last night, anyway. No one screamed at me about how they hate food, eating together, and family life in general. A decent amount of dinner was, in fact, consumed without major complaint. So we'll call that a win.

Video games are only for when Daddy is home, anyway, they're special for Daddy and Maeve. She's pretty motivated to keep the ability to play, even if it means acting nicely at dinnertime, which is kind of against her religion.

The witching hour

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