Monday, November 17, 2014

Early Holidays

It's a tricky situation. For me, the holiday season starts early and keeps on going, because I try to celebrate Christmas with my friends before my parents get here, so all my cards and homemade gifts need to get done by the first week of December. But we won't put up the tree and really decorate around here until after Thanksgiving. So I write our Christmas cards with a certain amount of holiday spirit that I just find in my heart, without the glow of Christmas lights or the aid of egg nog.

But I really love writing Christmas cards - if you know me, you know it's something I've always done, ever since high school. It's so lovely to take the time to share with the people I care about the most, and I love writing to all my friends individually. But with arthritis the way it is, I can only usually get a few done every night, so I need to get started now!

I have already started the first of our cards, so hopefully I can get them all done by the first week of December! So if you get yours in the mail on December 3rd, don't feel like I'm trying to beat everyone to the punch, I just try to get them done before my parents get here on the 12th.

What? Christmas? Already?

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