Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Snow Day Yesterday

Yesterday it was so cold that we just stuck around the house, but for one very brief outing. It was one of those stay-at-home days that can be a real challenge to us Stay at Home Moms. I mean, we like being home, but all day with a four year old can be hard to manage without big doses of television or naps.

Well, we did do a good bit of television, but not much more than usual. We also made banana bread, did both art and experiments with cotton balls, played with magnetic "paper" dolls, and read an entire book out loud. (It's called "Fortunately, the Milk". Great read-aloud.)

I also gave the kiddo a long, leisurely bath, the kind she doesn't have time for in the evenings, and she really enjoyed it. And she did get to go play in the snow for a few minutes with her dad while I made dinner last night, so she got just a smidge of outdoor time. But since it didn't get above about fifteen degrees yesterday, it was not such a good day for outside!

Anyway, it was an enjoyable snow day yesterday, but I'm so glad the child gets to go to school today!

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