Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Parenting Conundrum

This little conundrum right here encapsulates the truth about parenting:

It is my job to hold my child down for shots.

It is my job to convince my child of the necessity of shots.

It is my job to console the child after the shots, through my own tears.

Seriously, what is that all about? How is it my job to do all of those things and then hold her afterwards?

I even tried to explain to her on the way there, while she was telling me that she hates shots and hates the doctor, that it's actually not fun for me to bring her in for shots, either. I know she didn't care and wasn't buying it, since I wasn't on the business end of the syringe, but she will get it some day when she's bringing her child in for shots.

I thought maybe at this age I wouldn't tear up anymore, but as it turns out, I definitely did. I was so relieved the nurse left the room immediately, and so was Maeve. Although I bet I'm not the only mom who cries when she has to pin down her kid for shots.

I had promised Maeve some chocolate ice cream with marshmallows for afterward, but it turned out I needed some, too. So glad that one's over with! Now I just have to go register her for Kindergarten this morning. I may need more ice cream after that, too.

Unrelated ice cream incident.


  1. I thought it would get easier as they get older, but I'm pretty sure that it gets even harder when they know exactly what's coming, and you still have to make them go through with it. Then you have to watch them suffer before and after!