Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Routine Muscles

You know, it's hard to come back to writing every day after giving myself a break in December. Being disciplined is a lot easier when you really do it every day, at least every weekday. I feel like my creative brain muscles got weaker during December, and now writing every day feels like a chore. I'm going to stick with it, though, till it gets easier again. Because it will.

Although, you know, I was hoping getting Maeve out the door in the mornings to go to school or to take Dad to work was going to get easier, and so far, not so much. She loves school, she wants to go, but heaven forbid you require the child to get dressed by a certain time, and THEN put on shoes and socks and a coat. It is like pulling teeth every day.

I know you parents of school aged kids are laughing at me, because of course your kids are the same way, and it never gets better. But WHY? Why is it so hard for children to do a few simple things by a certain time? I don't remember having a hard time getting out the door for school, but it's been an awfully long time, maybe I did.

At least the school Maeve will attend next year is only like 300 feet from here.

Octopus face!

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