Monday, February 2, 2015

Are You Kidding Me??

So, unless our home scale is super unreliable...

I lost five pounds this week.

Say WHAT???

I have never lost five pounds in a week before in my life, expect when Maeve was born, or when I've had the stomach flu.

I know this entry is all these short sentances, but honestly, I'm kind of in shock. My expectation was that nothing would happen. that maybe I'd lose a pound, if I was lucky.

I was tracking with Myfitnesspal and they kept telling me I would weigh less in a week or a month or whatever, but those numbers don't usually work for me at all. Maybe my metabolism is just ready for this.

But wow.

All that jogging and extra work on the exercise bike was... actually worth it.

I am as happy as little Maeve with a popsicle!

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