Saturday, February 6, 2016

Just Once

Husband and I were talking the other night, after watching an episode of Master of None, about how we never ever want to be in the dating world again. It's like that scene in When Harry Met Sally when the best friends are in bed together and Carry Fisher's character says, "Promise me I'll never have to be 'out there' again". We never want to do that again. The dating world now is nothing like when we got together, and I think we'd both be really lost for a long time.

And as we talked we decided we were going to do all the crazy things once. Like, we bought one house, we got married one time, we're having one kid, that's it. Never again on any of those.

Part of it is truly that we're so happy with the way things are, with how our beautiful lives turned out, that we don't want to do anything to damage the status quo. It's a great status, really, to have a home you love, a partner you trust, a kid who makes you laugh. That's enough, we don't need any more.

Our hearts are full, as it is.

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