Monday, August 16, 2010


"On Monday, when the sun is hot
I wonder to myself a lot:
'Now is it true, or is it not,'
'That what is which and which is what?'" - Winnie The Pooh,  A. A. Milne

What a relaxing and wonderful weekend we had! Lunch, dinner, a massage, a movie, all quite fantastic. We enjoyed "Eat, Pray, Love" and I ate one of the best shrimp and scallop pastas I've ever had.  But I'll let you in on my strange secret: I love Mondays.

Don't get me wrong, weekends with my Honey are so great, and I wish he could work from home so we could spend more family time together.  I love having help with Maeve, and help doing laundry, meals, etc.  But Monday gets me back to my life, back to Maeve and me, enjoying each other.

I have hated Mondays since middle school, like most grownups do, swilling caffeinated beverages and complaining with the best of them.  But now that I have my dream job, even though my dream job sometimes involves seemingly endless rivers of poo and other effluvia, Mondays get me back to what I do best: being Momma to my darlin' girl.


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