Tuesday, September 7, 2010


"'Stay' is a charming word in a friend's vocabulary." - Louisa May Alcott

There is nothing like good company for us new-ish parents. Some people won't come over at all, some stay too long, but some friends bring dessert, leave when the fussing begins, and have compassionate expectations of the meal and the entertainment.  Those last kind were the friends we had over last night.

Maeve sat with us at the table for all of dinner, only the second time she's attempted such a feat, and she did very nicely.  I heartily enjoyed eating a warm meal, and took pride in the fact that I had personally cooked a main dish, two side dishes, and gravy.  It was probably he most complicated meal I've fixed since I had Maeve, and I didn't flub it.  That felt good.

I was also grateful to have these guests over because they are parents of grown children, veterans of the parenting life who have survived with great stories and just the right amount of advice.  Some parents never offer us advice at all, we practically have to drag it out of them, other parents we know won't talk about anything else, or tell us the world's most obvious parenting tips (Have you tried rocking her to sleep? Sometimes a warm bottle helps.  Oh really? I've been doing this for four months, but I never thought of a warm bottle!)  Our guests last night told us some great stories about their young parenting escapades, but also let us talk about other things, a welcome interlude.

Thank you to our good guests, you know who you are.  You make us want to invite you over ... and over and over.


  1. Guests help a lot! Glad you got some adult and parent-veteran company.

    (And, glad you got the reference...I was like, "What is that song, about the guy who leads an army in circles up and down a hill..?" Google helped me out ;)

  2. I love guests. It makes the time go faster!

  3. There's nothing like a nice adult evening, good conversation, good food, good company, to make you feel like a human being again. You are fortunate to have such wonderful friends - hard to find people who will just listen and not offer unsolicited advice!