Monday, September 6, 2010


“If we do not find anything pleasant, at least we shall find something new” - Voltaire

She chewed, gingerly at first, then smacking her lips and blowing rice cereal joyously out of her mouth with a newly-learned "thpppppt"!  Naked but for a bib and diapers, Maeve met rice cereal, and it was smush at fist sight. She managed the spoon well, and only ended up wearing maybe a quarter of what she was fed.  Not bad for a first try.  I was very proud, of course.

The next morning, after a solid night of sleep, we discovered the first fruits of novelty: a runny diaper and hives on her chin, chest, and arms.  Well, shoot, so much for new things.

After a phone call to Children's Hospital, we were told not to feed her any more cereal, give her a bath, and make an appointment Tuesday when the office opens.  I have hopes they might let us try oatmeal or a mild veggie, because developmentally my big girl is so ready for solids!  But we may have to wait until she's six months, then try again.  I admit I'm a little anxious, as my mom had an unmanageably large number of food allergies as a child, and I had fervently hoped my giving Maeve breast milk would help stave off such reactions.  But as my DH reminded me yesterday, there are worse things for kids to go through than food allergies.  

We'll just keep adjusting as best we can, and maybe Maeve will love oatmeal just as much!


The offending goop


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