Friday, October 22, 2010


"If you want the flowers in your garden to be glorious and to smell good, you must risk an occasional stink" - Lord Harewood

Maeve has one persistently stinky foot; the other is not.  She puts both feet in her mouth, she removes her socks from each foot in turn, but her left foot always has a little foot stink.  That's why we call it her Stinklefoot.

When she gets excited, she holds onto her Stinklefoot and pumps it up and down wildly. or just generally kicks it around like it's stirring some kind of pot.  It's a busy little foot, to be sure.  The only time it doesn't stink is directly after a bath, but the squiff is usually back the following morning.

The way she grins when she's waving that stinky little foot around makes me wonder if she's plotting secret, naughty plans.  On occasion, the pumping action of Stinklefoot has caused a generous release of poop, which of course makes her smile all the broader.  Maybe it's her baby villain-mastermind gesture, like stroking a cat or a mustache.

Obviously, I have a lot of time to think about these things.