Monday, November 8, 2010


"There goes my baby
She knows how to Rock n' roll
She drives me crazy" - Queen, Crazy Little Thing Called Love

That's right, my baby knows how to rock and roll.  She discovered the rock on Friday night, while I was trying to occupy her, since DH was working late and I was running out of ideas.  I put some Queen on the computer while I fed her dinner, and she thought I was hysterical, dancing around and singing into her spoon like a microphone. 

Then it starts: she bangs her hand on her high chair tray, rhythmically.  Slam slam slam. Slam slam slam.  All of a sudden, "We Will Rock You" comes on, and she is mesmerized.  Boom boom clap, boom boom clap! goes the song, and slam slam slam! goes her tray.  And what could I do but encourage the little genius?  After all, if she's going to be a big rock star drummer and support her mom and dad in a manner to which we are not accustomed, she's gotta start somewhere!

The next night, at a Thanksgiving gathering with some friends, I tell them of her drumming exploits, and they're all ready to encourage her, too.  They pick up the stomp stomp clap of "We Will Rock You", and Maeve watches in awe.  All these grownups are super weird, she thinks.

The next day in the car, DH is trying to get her to fall asleep for our hour-long drive.  She appears to just be dozing off, then her hand starts drumming again on her crackly teething book, and she wakes herself up.  Well, I guess rockers don't take naps.

Well, this one still does.  Thank goodness.

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