Saturday, December 18, 2010


So I normally don't post on the weekend, but my heart is hurting, so I decided to come write here.  I just called the police because I heard an infant and a child howling and screaming from their bathroom in the apartment upstairs for two hours.  Two hours.  What on earth.

I hope to God they locked themselves in by accident, and the cops can help the mom get the door open.  Maybe that was it, maybe.  Either that, or she just listened to their panicked cries for two hours and did nothing.  I. Cannot. Imagine.

People that abuse children, what do you say?  Go to hell, you villain.  That's all you can say.  Maybe they've got their own story, too, but there is no excuse for leaving your to infant cry for two hours and doing nothing. 

The cops got here in like 10 minutes, though, thank goodness.  My heart is with you guys tonight, thank you for being strong and confronting my neighbors when I could not.

Sorry, no quote, no picture.  Just me wishing for peace.


  1. Yikes! Did you ever find out what was wrong? That's flippin' scary!

  2. I never did, I asked the police not to contact me at the time b/c Maeve was asleep. I did hear them actually enter the apartment, so that was good.