Thursday, January 6, 2011


“The miserable have no other medicine but hope.” Friedrich Nietzsche

I haven't been saying much about it, at the risk of turning into a  whiny blogger, but my Maeve is miserable.

Her teeth are just driving her (and us) crazy.  They pain her continually, sunup to sundown.  There is no time during the day that she isn't on infant Tylenol, and all that does is take the edge off.  She wakes up crying in the morning, and falls asleep crying during her naps.

And her misery is ours; misery makes company.  I just hate seeing her in so much pain, I feel totally helpless.  She won't gnaw on cold things, she hates clove oil, and has no patience for teethers.  My mom gives her apple slices to gnaw, which works for 5-10 minutes, then that party is over.

Everyone tells me that teething doesn't last forever, but she's been at it since 4 months old and has had only two1-week breaks that I remember.  And she's going to do this until she's two?  Oh, what I wouldn't give to see Maeve happy all the time, like I get little flashes of now and then.

Grandma and great-grandma make it all better!


  1. Oh no! Poor girl. It's awful isn't it. My pediatrician recommended homeopathic teething "pellets" you can get them in the baby aisle at cvs, walgreens... they helped my youngest. I used to just put the big one in a sling and walk for miles and miles with him chewing on my fingers. Hang in there! And no you are not remotely whiny!!

  2. I used to give Maeve the Hyland's teething tabs till they got pulled from the market :(

  3. My little one is already drooling a lot, and starting to gnaw on things pretty hard, indicating he's about to start on his first tooth... which I'm dreading.
    My hope is that babies build up some pain tolerance as the teething process goes along. After all, I don't seem to remember my adult teeth coming in as hurting all that much. Hopefully after the first few teeth, babies get used to it?

  4. Glenn, I can only hope you're right. I don't take anything for granted these days - every dang baby is totally different!

  5. Poor Maeve and poor you! That's a phase that I'm so not looking forward to. With any luck, Sammy will take after me and not have any teeth until he's one and at that point he can be his father's problem. ;) My friend swears by Camilia for teething relief, which you can find at Whole Foods; I hope you all find some relief soon!