Wednesday, January 5, 2011


"Aw, shucks!" - my dad, 30 years ago and yesterday

When I was very small, my dad played a game with me called Aw, Shucks.  He'd build a tower out of blocks, let me knock it down, and throw up his hands and say his catchphrase.

It's a game about expectations, about pretending like nothing can knock the tower down, then pretending to be shocked and saddened at the inevitable.

Maeve, of course, adores the game.  She acts all shy, like she's only waving at the precarious tower, then down it goes with a flourish.  I loved it, too; apparently, "aw, sucks" was like my fourth word. 

I was considering drawing a slightly sappy comparison between that game and parenting, but I think what I'll say instead is that it's probably better to realize the  tower is only being built so it can be destroyed and rebuilt.  Some things in life are like that.  But her gleeful destruction is part of the fun; in fact, it's the whole point.

Daddy n Me

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  1. The story about your dad is just too cute; I may have to try my hand at this game with Sammy (I've been saying, Oh no! but I think Aw shucks has a better ring to it). :)