Friday, February 4, 2011


Ok, so Maeve isn't lactose intolerant, but her allergies are really starting to puzzle me.

Last night she had her first beef baby food.  It was organic beef, onions, peas, kamut flour, split yellow peas, and onions.  Within five bites, she got hives all around her mouth.  Her finger food was steamed spinach which I've given her before, so I know that wasn't the culprit.  She's had peas and kamut flour before.  Can she really be allergic to beef?

Well, I don't know.  I emailed her allergist last night, so I'm sure I''ll hear back today (thanks, Kaiser!), and I very much hope there aren't more scratch tests in Maeve's near future.  Last night I put a little cortisone cream on her hives, gave her a tiny dose of Benadryl, and put her to bed - all as per what her allergist told me to do last time we were in. 

We've really lucked out in that Maeve hasn't had any kind of flu, virus, respiratory or stomach ailments.  Besides teething like crazy and allergies, she hasn't really been sick at all.  I keep reminding myself of that when things like this happen, and my stomach gets all tied up in knots worrying about her.  And she's never swelled up like a balloon or stopped breathing or any other super-scary allergy symptoms, just hives.

So, poor kid, like Kate in French Kiss, she just ate that cow.  Now I'm wishing I had French Kiss on DVD.

Is this purse real leather?  Can I get hives from it?


  1. The poor little lady! I hope you're able to figure out what's causing her reactions soon.

  2. Poor Maeve - and poor mama. I hate allergies too - it's so scary. Hope you get it figured out quickly.