Thursday, February 3, 2011


"Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors. " -Alice Walker

We, like most other families in America this week, have been picnicking indoors.  Not because Colorado got very much snow, but rather because the temperatures have been in the negative to single-digit range since Monday.  It's icy out there, it's cold, and my car is coated in ice, so forget that!

Today I'll venture out to my physical therapy appointment - out to learn some exercises to strengthen my wrists, as it turns out I have tendinitis there from lifting some adorable 20 pound sack of cuteness all day.  I'm not looking forward to getting my car running, but it must be done.  At least my mother -in-law is staying here with Maeve so I don't have to tote her around in the cold air. 

I enjoyed all our indoor time, though; it reminded me of back when we got home from the hospital, and I didn't go anywhere for a week or two, just sat around the house nursing and staring at Maeve. Those were a good few weeks, with my mother and husband here, learning and growing with Maeve.  

This time around, though, we had a lot of fun.  We danced, we played, we ate cookies, blueberries, and tried out tofu - which it turns out is not the best finger food, a little crumbly.  Maeve and I watched Follow That Bird, the Sesame Street movie of my childhood.  She's getting obsessed with Muppets these days, and who can blame her?  

I look forward to more snow days with Maeve - fort building, hot cocoa, movies, popcorn, and dress-up.  Sometimes being a Mom pretty-much rocks.

It looks cold out there!


  1. love that photo - so cute! stay warm you guys - hope that wrist feels better soon!

  2. Sounds like an awesome snow day!