Tuesday, February 1, 2011


“Hope is the gay skylarking pajamas we wear over yesterday's bruises” - De Casseres 


Ok, that's mostly a great quote because I would totally love me some gay, skylarking pajamas.  I don't know what that means but it sounds darned festive!

We have a high of -1 degrees today where I live, and it's currently -9.  That's Fahrenheit, of course.  In other words, no way are Maeve and I going outside today.  I have very high hopes my choir practice tonight will be cancelled.

But staying home in chilly weather means just one thing: pajamas!  Is there anything more fun than kid pajamas? Don't you wish adult p.j.'s were as cool as all kid pajamas are?

Today Maeve is sporting her dinosaur footie pajamas, which are admittedly her cutest ones.  She's had so many cute p.j.'s already in her life, one of her nicknames actually came from one of her first pair of p.j.'s - her ducky pajamas.  To wit:

These are why we call her BabyDuck

They're all so snuggly and snoozy, it's nearly unbearable.  Who wouldn't want to be wrapped in mind-blowing, fuzzy cuteness every night?  You'd think babies would sleep better, really.

Today I'm in my Rainbow Brite hoodie and snowflake flannel pants, and I ain't leavin 'em.  I bet later on, Maeve and I will have a pajama dance party.

Baby, it's cold outside


  1. I have often wished they made kids' pjs in adult sizes. One of these days I'm going to buy me some fleece ones for myself!

  2. Sammy had the same ducky pjs when he was little! There are many, many times that I wish I could have as many awesome footie pajamas that Sammy does...and I would totally wear them out in public (something that I already do in my boring "grown-up" pjs). :)