Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grandma Doit Toooooo

I have been hearing this phrase around the house, and every time I hear it, I smile, and not just because it's a break from hearing Mommy Doit Toooooo.  She also puts Grandpa in there, when he's here. 

She particularly likes Grandpa to do puzzles with her, and Grandma has to pretend to sleep, help Maeve's stuffed animals touch the planets hanging from our family room ceiling, go down the slide, and generally get into all the important stuff.  The grandparents are doing a great job getting pulled around by the fingers by a small but insistent and noisy person.

And I just enjoy watching, knowing that these moments will fly by, and pretty soon it will be me (and sometimes Daddy and the other grandparents) doing all the Doit Toooooos.

Grandma touchit, tooo.

1 comment:

  1.'s great having the grandparents around, isn't it? Sammy keeps calling my mom "mommy" but he's going to have to come up with a different name for her sooner or later--having two "mommies" in the house is a little confusing! :D