Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back to Normal-Ish

"Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal. " -Albert Camus

It's funny, having my parents stay with us gave me so much material, so many ideas, but not enough time or motivation to write about them.  So I'll play catch-up for awhile and get you up to speed on Maeve and her doings, and myself and my thinkings.

Today, though, we are adjusting back to life without the grands.  Less mouths to feed, less dishes after dinner, no one to entertain the child while I take a shower in the morning anymore- back to my old routine of evening showers and actually taking care of my own kid full-time instead of passing her off to the nearest grandparent.

I said my goodbyes yesterday, and survived, although Maeve was very unhappy with me for crying.  I told her everyone's allowed to cry when they're sad, but she wasn't buying it, and she forced me to stop thinking about myself by crying louder and being more upset than me.  I am dreading that she will wake up and ask for Grandma and Grandpa, and I will have to say that they aren't here.

She did cheer me up immensely yesterday by seeing a Doctor on the ceiling while we were at the Butterfly Pavilion, which had me looking for the TARDIS all afternoon, and by suggesting we get out the wading pool.  It was fun to stand in the cold water with her, exclaiming together about how cold it was.

And life is not totally normal, we have a friend staying with us for the rest of the summer which promises to be a very fun and special time, and ballet lessons start a week from tomorrow, if they stop being one disaster after another. (Tomorrow, I'll tell you tomorrow!)  So we have enough going on to keep making this summer an interesting one.

With Grandpa at the Butterfly Pavilion
Grandma helping with the slide at the Butterfly Pavilion
Chilling with Grandpa on the couch
Popsicle happiness
Time to go home!

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