Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mommy Do It

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. " -Plato

I feel that what Maeve wants most at this age is a playmate.  It shows up in the way she wants me to do everything she's doing.  Whether that's going down the twisty, tunnel slide at the playground or jumping in a puddle, if she's having fun, she wants a partner in crime.  All day long, my hand is grabbed, and I hear Mommy Do It!

I do my best to be that playmate, when it doesn't harm my body or become physically impossible.  I can't go down the tunnel slide at the park, or rather, I choose not to on the grounds that I may have to be surgically removed from it, but I do get down there and jump in the puddles, dance like a ballerina, lie down for yet another twenty second nap, and submit to more physical exams.  (She does say my blood pressure sounds good...)

I know that as she gets older, she will want her playmates to be kids, not me, so I enjoy this time when it's Mommy she wants to play with.  Even when my arthritis and tendinitis are making me wince, I try to get into the spirit of the thing.  I sometimes collapse and do nothing while she sleeps instead of being industrious with my free time, but that's what happens when a grownup tries to live at the activity level of a two year old.
She did not, however, want my help with her chocolate pudding...

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