Monday, July 16, 2012

Best Day Ever

 "It's a neighborly day in this beauty-wood, a neighborly day for a beauty.  Would you be mine?" - Mr. Rogers

If you had asked me at about 9:30 yesterday whether I was having a good day or not, my answer would distinctly have been not.  It might have rung in your ears.  I had to miss church at the UU fellowship, which I had been pining to do for months but was unable, because I had forgotten to get more children's tylenol for Maeve, who was been having a bad teething week.  So I decided to skip church yet again and do what I should have done days ago and get her medicine.

At the store, I thought maybe I should get some picnic-y things, and the fam could head out to a new spot I'd discovered at nearby Standley Lake.  So we did, and pure, hot, beachy happiness came with us.  It was sandy, the sky was clear, the boats were all far away enough not to make any noise, and it was marvelous.

After hiking back up to the car, and arriving home, Maeve was ready for a serious nap: playing in the hot sun and the water makes for a nice, long naptime.  When she awoke, I tried her out on one of my favorite movies, ever: My Neighbor Totoro.  It's a jewel of Japanese countryside and family, with a few fantastical creatures thrown in, and Maeve loved it! She sat through the whole first hour, which is a record for a film without singing and dancing Muppets.  And the joy of your child discovering something you love, it's huge.  You think to yourself, I must be doing something right.

We walked upstairs after she was done with the movie, and the breeze on the porch was cool.  I popped a meatloaf in the oven, and within an hour, we had dinner on the breezy deck.  It's possible that life could get better than this, but it's hard to guess how.  Then after dinner and Maeve's bedtime, we grownups had guacamole and mojitos, and watched some Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.  Perfection.

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