Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Looking for Manna

Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet: Does Elwood see anybody these days?
Veta Louise Simmons: Oh, yes, Aunt Ethel, Elwood sees *somebody*. -Harvey, 1950

If you are a certain sort of literate, you'll wonder why I'm hoping for 'angel food' to fall from the sky, but that's not it at all.  Maeve has invented an invisible friend called a Manna.  It apparently likes to peek out from under bushes, although it's very big.  It likes to dance on Pluto, and has a long tail.  Sound familiar?  Yeah, I have no idea, either.

When we picked up Daddy from the bus stop last night, she couldn't stop talking about seeing the Manna at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, where we visited yesterday morning.  "What kinds of dinosaurs did you see?" "Manna."  "Was there a stegosaurus?"  "Stego and Manna."  So we kept asking her questions to try to figure out what the child was talking about, without success.

I have racked my brains, and I cannot for the life of me extrapolate Manna from anything we saw or did, yesterday or recently.  There is no Manna in Totoro, nothing that sounds remotely like it.  So it must have sprung from her own beautiful little fancy, fully formed and ready to hide under bushes.  I double-checked with her, a Manna is not the same thing as a rabbit.

So if you see any large, furry creatures hiding under bushes, snap us a pic and I'll run it by the chief.  If you find the Manna, we will be very grateful.
Saw this ad in my Vogue last night - I showed it to Maeve, but it's not a Manna.


  1. Update: we now know that a Manna has a head like a T-rex, and a hard body like a turtle shell.

  2. Maeve might like this video. It's very cute. :-)

  3. I just saw your comment. The creature in my video is NOTHING like that! Haha...what a crazy kid!