Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We Found Manna

T-Rex head: I kind of see it, check.
Hard body, like a turtle: check.
Long tail: Well, his abdomen looks like a tail, sure.
Peeking: I guess his claws kind of make him look like he's peeking.
Hides in the bushes: Well, he's surrounded by bushes, sure.
Rides a skateboard: Hmmm, this is where the imagination comes in.

Praying Mantis-Manta-Manna.  There ya go.  Mystery solved.

It was almost a letdown, really, I liked envisioning a t-rex headed, turtle bodied, long tailed, skateboarding thing peeking out from under bushes.  The praying mantis is a little more humdrum.  Although you can see why he caught her imagination, the thing is like seven feet tall, at least.  Something about my little girl loves a giant, wild, imaginary friend.  And I guess a Manna could take on just about anything, maybe he makes her feel safe, like Daddy does.

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