Monday, July 30, 2012

Compliments from Strangers

"A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil." -Victor Hugo

I experienced a rare occurrence for me yesterday; I was all dolled up to go meet a friend for dinner, but was getting some gas first.  A complete stranger walked up behind me, smiled, and said, "You tell the man in your life, he's a lucky guy."  Surprised, I blurted out "I will!" and then couldn't stop smiling for miles.

It's not to say I don't look cute very often, although admittedly it's much less often than I used to.  Priorities, you know, and besides, my husband thinks I look cute in my pajamas.  And being randomly complimented, or hit on, didn't happen to me that often even when I was making an effort, back in the day.

So I guess it was just good for my ego, or just made me feel a little more confident, but I am grateful to that strange man yesterday for his compliment.  Somehow the way he phrased it, it was clear he saw I was married, but still wanted to say something nice, and did it in a totally nonthreatening way.  At any rate, I will have a spring in my step today.
My friend and I at dinner


  1. aww, that's a really sweet compliment!

    I had a patient today think I was his wife (as he was waking up from anesthetic). The guy was like 90... lol ;)

  2. Man, I just love random acts of flirtiness!