Friday, July 27, 2012

Music and Maevie

Maeve's new favorite pastime (besides riding her new tricycle) is watching videos of herself.  She has a toddler's natural fascination with her own image, and she now recognizes herself in videos from when she was a tiny baby, too.  When she wants to watch videos of herself, she says "Girl!" or "Music and Maevie", and who wouldn't give in to that?

She loves the old ones just as much as the new, and is just as fascinated to watch herself crawl for the first time as she is hearing herself say her ABCs.  But this is one of her favorites, she calls it Chocolate, because she has no idea she was eating prunes.

I love this activity, too, because I get to watch all these videos of my precious girl, and see how her little baby face and voice have turned into this humongous girl who I adore.  So okay, sweetheart, we can watch that Girl one more time.

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