Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Badger, Badger, DEETS!

It all started when I was annoyed with a 1970s Sesame Street clip which claimed that what looks to me like a weasel of some kind was, in fact, a badger.  It totally wasn't a badger, and I felt the clip was misinforming my daughter, which I will not put up with.  So I thought to myself: How can I show her what a badger really looks like?  And then I remembered the Badger song.

Do you not remember this video from, say, 2004?  Anyway, it's awesome.  And really drives home what a badger looks like.  And is totally made for toddlers because of bright colors, repetitive lyrics, annoying melody, etc.

So of course Maeve loved the video.  But then she developed a game with me:
Maeve: Sing Badger song!
Mommy: Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger... (points at Maeve to sing Mushroom! Mushroom!)
Maeve: DEETS!

She loves to confound my expectations, plus she wants me to say this:
Mommy:  AAAAAH! It's not DEETS, it's mushroom mushroom, get it right!!!!!

We play this game over and over.

She also uses DEETS when I ask her a question that she doesn't want to bother thinking about the answer to.

Mommy: ABCDEF... Maeve, what comes next?
Maeve: DEETS!!!

Deets is a silly word she came up with a few months ago, and she forgot it until she watched a video of herself saying it, and now it's all the rage.  So here's the video of the original deets.

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