Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Boy Next Door

"It's nice to have a crush on someone. It feels like you're alive, you know?-Scarlett Johansson

Let's not make too much out of this, but Maeve may have a crush on the boy next door.  And by next door, I mean across the street, but the idiom fits.

B is a good friend of Maeve's, she plays with him once a week or so, and often sees him when we head out to the park or other outdoor activities, because his back yard is in clear view of our side yard.  On this particular day, she had been on a playdate with B the day before, and was clearly thinking about him.

Maeve had soaked her current outfit in the pool, so I asked if she wanted to choose some dry clothes to put on... and she picked her big, fluffy, black tutu that she last wore on her birthday.  She has little flashes of femininity like that, or maybe flares is a better term.  Anyway, she got all dolled up and decided she looked pretty cute.

After looking at herself in the mirror, she started crying.  Upon further questioning, it turned out she was saying "Wanna show B! Wanna show B!"  I knew it was afternoon naptime at B's house, and I did not wish to disturb them with Maeve's whim, so I took some pictures of Maeve in her tutu and posted one on B's Mom's Facebook wall, and told her the tale.

Not long after, we got a reply, that B had inspected the picture and told his mom that Maeve looked Beauuuuuutiful! So you heard it here, first, folks.

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