Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Call Me Maevie

I know that now that you have that classic song in your head, you're so pleased I brought it to your attention this morning.  But the song sounds a lot better when you think of it as Call Me Maevie, right?  Or go watch Cookie Monster do his version.

Getting on to my subject, my daughter has decided on what she wants to be called, at least for now.  I know this because we had her friend B over here the other day, and when he called her Maeve, she practically shot him a look, and said I'm Maevie.  And so it was decided.

Once she proclaimed her name, I thought about it and realized that most of the time she's only Maeve when she's in trouble, most of the time I call her Maevie, myself.  So it's not like she completely came up with her own version of her name.  I just wonder how long it will last.  Will she be three or four when she tells us Please don't call me Maevie anymore, that's not my name!  I'm certain it'll come.

But for now I just keep calling her what she officially asked to be called, and now B is on the ball and calls her Maevie, too, which is sweet of him.  I do also often call her my Maevie Bean, but no one else calls her that.  Moms gotta have some privileges!

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