Monday, August 20, 2012

Trying New Foods

For the longest time, Maeve was very much so a typical toddler in her attitudes about trying new things; i.e., she was against it strongly.  This included things she would OBVIOUSLY like if she tried them, like chocolate soy milk, or other desserts or snacks I specifically bought or made because I thought she would like them.  It upset me so badly and on enough occasions that I just took a break from giving her new things, because I couldn't stand the let down, and the waste of time and money.

But in the last week, I tried Maeve on at least 5 new foods that she immediately liked and asked for more of, including Snap Pea Crisps which are baked snap peas that are nice and crunchy, and totally count as a vegetable!  And last night, I made beef stew and cooked it all day in the crock pot, so everything was very tender.  She ate almost a whole bowl, to my great shock!

So I don't want to get too excited and give her too many new foods at once, but I'm so proud that she seems to have, temporarily at least, lifted her ban on new foods.  And I'm pretty proud of her.

No, Maeve, a new flavor of Popsicle does not count as a new food!

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