Friday, August 3, 2012

In the Pocket

No deep thoughts today, just a good laugh for y'all.

Maeve was playing with Daddy's "pocket" last night- she believes a pocket to be anyplace inside clothing that can hold items, so in this case, it's down the front of Daddy's shirt.  She put as many toys as she could fit down there, and I was just dying of laughter.  I don't know why she believes a shirt is essentially one giant pocket, but it's just too funny.

He's not usually that lumpy.

I also want to report that Maeve told me yesterday the T-Rex skeleton at the entrance to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science probably eats carrots, and has "beautiful teeth".  Also, she thought Mars needed a glass of water.  Sometimes I can't even remember all the funny things she says, even though I want to capture them all, but my little girl spends a good part of her day cracking me up!

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