Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Tantrum Time

"We used to say that he who threw the biggest tantrum won the day.- Neil Finn 
You knew Maeve was 2, right?  Well, you wouldn't have any doubts if you met her in person.  At first, she would hide behind my legs when you walked up, then she would answer No to all of your good-natured questions for awhile, then she would start the Show-Off Maeve Show.  And last but not least, she would throw you a tantrum.

Maeve's tantrums aren't the worst possible tantrums a toddler could have, she doesn't hold her breath or bash her head against the nearest sharp object, it could be worse.  I try to remind myself of that.  But she often tries to throw herself to the ground, especially in parking lots or grocery stores.  And you remember that she's more than half my height, right?  So all those flailing limbs make it difficult to pick her up and properly restrain her.

I had two victories over tantrums this week, wherein we entered a building and I told Maeve, if you have a tantrum we will leave immediately.  This seemed to make an impression, at least for the moment, and no tantrums were had at either location, although we skirted the edge pretty well at the second one.  It counts as a victory if they save their tantrums for when you get home, right?
I honestly don't even remember what the problem was here.

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