Friday, September 7, 2012

Pacifiers Aren't Forever

I find it odd that Maeve actually likes the book Pacifiers Are Not Forever by Elizabeth Verdick.  I picked it up from the library just on spec, to introduce the merest idea that she will eventually not use her pacifier anymore.

We aren't rushing that particular change, mostly because for Maeve, her paci is used mostly for teething purposes.  She takes it out and gnaws on it, and we put clove gel on it to relieve the worst of the pain.  Maeve has two 2-year molars that have not yet pierced her gums, so we are still in the throes of teething around here, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Teething, if you have read this blog since I got started, has been the Achilles heel of parenting for us.  My kiddo has been in tooth pain basically since she was five months old, with very few breaks.  I am just so totally over it, I am beyond words.  Suffice it to say I am considering making myself a GIANT mojito when this particular trial has passed.

But Maeve likes the book about getting rid of her pacifiers, so maybe it's not going to be that hard to get rid of them after all.
...or not!

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