Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Can You Share?

"Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it. " -Bernard Meltzer

I took Maeve to children's museum last week, and I really couldn't have been prouder of how well she did interacting with the other kids there.  She left my side and wandered off to play, and I held my breath and watched to see how she'd do.

She played all by herself at first, just moving out of the way for the other kids that ran past her, but another little boy wanted to play with the item she was playing with, so I watched them start taking turns, just as easy as pie.  I kept putting my hand on my chest to make sure my heart was still in place and doing its job, because this is all new territory for my little girl.

Later on, she came and told me she wanted a toy another boy was playing with.  I told her she should ask him if he would share, and with some very direct prompting from me, she managed to ask him, face to face, if he would share what he was playing with.  I think it was because his mom and I were both right there, but the little boy shared, and Maeve was so happy!  I tried to help her notice that using her words and asking had worked really well, but who knows if she learned anything in that moment or not.

I was so proud of her, though, I was just bursting at the seams, so I got her some mango sorbet on the way home to celebrate what a great job she'd done.  I think she definitely got the message that I was proud of her!

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