Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Everybody Boop Tummies

I can 100% blame this one on Jack and Karen.

And myself, yeah I taught Maeve to "boop tummies".  What can I say?  It looked like fun on Will and Grace.  And she likes sticking her tummy on mine, it's kind of warm and comforting for both of us.

But now, Maeve has an entertaining after-dinner ritual wherein she gives Daddy and I instructions, and we follow them.  It's kind of like Simon Says without the catch.  So she says Everybody run! and we do a little jog around the room.  Everybody crawl!  Well, only Daddy does that, my knees aren't up to the hardwood floor.  Everybody boop tummies!

That's just Daddy and I, because it's nigh physically impossible to boop tummies with three people at once.  I don't think even Jack and Karen have tried that one.  Especially when one of you is 2 1/2 feet shorter than the other two. 

But every time Daddy and I boop tummies, our next instruction is always Everybody clap!  So we get a round of applause for it.  I'm sure it's just a phase, but I kind of love these little routines she gets into.  They become familiar and sweet, and I think even Daddy will miss it when it's gone.
Everybody take a pitcher!

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