Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hold Your Hand

"When you say that somethin', I wanna hold your hand!" - The Beatles, I Wanna Hold Your Hand

The long, slow process of learning how to be affectionate has totally paid off in this house.  Not that it was ever I who needed to learn, I have spent more hours smooching this child than I have taking showers in the last several years, I'll wager.  But ever so slowly, she has learned to give her love to me, and I am finally really enjoying being on the receiving end.  Except when she does her pretend-bite kisses, but that's another thing.

Yesterday, she was a little tired after the museum and just wanted to watch some Sesame Street.  I came and sat with her on the couch, snuggled up next to her under a blanket, and we held hands through the whole episode, spiders and letters and dinosaurs and all.

She is such a very large-sized girl that her hand fits in mine the way, say, a kindergartener's would, so her fingers are long enough to completely encompass my palm.  We aren't doing that baby hand-holding where they grasp a finger, this is the real deal.  And it's pretty much like a drug to me.

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