Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It Is Fall

"It is fall, it is fall, the leaves are falling everywhere. That means it's fall!" - Yo Gabba Gabba

Apologies for quoting Yo Gabba Gabba; if you have not seen the show, you may not understand how the inane lyrics work their way into your very soul.  The point is that despite the blatant idiocy of that statement, it seems to have succeeded in teaching my wee Observer that it is, in fact, fall, because the leaves are falling.  I have tried to explain photosynthesis and temperature/daylight changes to the child, but this seems to be the most obvious explanation, so we can go with it for now.

But we are in full-swing fall around here, which is good since Saturday's high is apparently going to be 45 degrees!  Chilly!  I will be busting out the hot cider that day for sure!

We have been raking leaves around here, since this dream house of mine is very treeful, it is also very leaf-ful.  They are absolutely everywhere, but I like raking leaves, it's kind of therapeutic.  I haven't showed Maeve how to jump into the leaf piles yet, though, because ours have a lot of pine needles in them, which isn't the softest landing.  We'll try when she's a little older, maybe.

Yesterday I helped Maeve do one of those perfectly seasonal childhood crafts, a crayon shavings/wax paper fall leaf.  It's now a sun-catcher in my kitchen, and it looks just gorgeous.  You gotta love a neat and tidy craft that comes up with such a dazzling result.  So I will share its beauty with you, although this picture does not do justice to what it looks like with the sun behind it; I forgot to capture that particular sight yesterday. 

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