Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just Hanging Out

It used to be that she was like an appendage; there was no getting rid of her at any time, and so I never thought to myself, "I'm hanging out with Maeve," because she was always there. 

Then whenever I described my time with her, I said "I'm busy chasing Maeve today" - this is from about 9 months on, when she started walking.  When I talked about others taking care of her, I also called it chasing, since that seemed to be nearly the whole thing.

Now, though, Maeve and I hang out,  Sometimes we hang out on my bed, and play bedtime/bouncing/hide and seek.  Sometimes we hang out at the park or the library or the museum.  Sometimes we hang out on the porch, or the deck.  Sometimes we hang out downstairs.  But spending time with Maeve has turned from a statement of the obvious into something I like to do.

We have fun together, these days.  It's not just me feeding her and preventing her from harming herself, like it was in the past.  We are friends, of a sort.  I am still the boss of food, sleep, and safety, but sometimes we can just be together, and forget all of the who's in charge stuff.  And I like that a lot.

Hanging out at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science yesterday

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