Thursday, October 11, 2012

Two for Today

I am trying something new today.  Well, I kind of tried it yesterday, but under very different circumstances.  Wait.  Let me try again.

I am taking care of my friend's son today, along with my own rambunctious offspring.  He is nine months old, a little ball of sunshine and happy, and I know he will do great here.  What I am wondering is how Maeve will do, and how I will cope with the two of them.

Yesterday we had a friend's three year old over for a few hours, and they had me utterly exhausted after just two and a half hours.  Maeve and A. had a superb time but were very wound up and basically ran everywhere they went.  I was not surprised when Maeve crashed for three and a half hours of naptime afterwards, it sounded good to me, too.

I know baby B will not take as much energy as a 3 year old, but on the other hand, it's going to take me longer to learn his cues and signals, and figure out what he wants.  And he will be interesting to Maeve, but not in the way a 3 year old is. 

I think if I can successfully juggle the disparate needs of two children, and have fun at the same time, that it would be really good for Maeve.  A friend pointed out that it would teach her some coping skills, for the moments when my attention necessarily must be elsewhere, and when things aren't just how she likes them.  I agree, but I do kind of feel like I'm jumping out of a plane.  Here's hoping that parachute works!

Two peas in a pod

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