Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yes, A'Course

This is my child's new mantra, Yes, a'course.  I know she got it from me, too, although I'm pretty sure I pronounce it of course.  I think she asked me to read her a book, and I said yes, of course, I will always read to you.

But now it's her reply to lots of questions.  Do you want some more milk?  Should we go play outside?  Did you want to watch this episode of Backyardigans again? Are you sharing your snacks with Wall-E?  Yes a'course.

It makes her sound a little snooty sometimes, or just surprised that I even have to ask.  Did you want to bring your pumpkin in the car with us?  Well, Mom, I brought it everywhere else we've gone today.  Yes, a'course.  Okay, kid, whatever you say.

"Little Tiny Mo, Wall-E, and Even!  Yes, a'course!"

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