Monday, November 5, 2012

A Little Wonky

Truthfully, the time change has us all a little wonky.

Here's one way you can tell, I'm writing this blog at 4:56.  That's pretty ^&*(%^ early, even for me.  I woke up at the right time yesterday, but didn't get it right today.  Also, I heard Maeve jiggle her door handle at probably about 4:15 this morning, which means that putting her to bed at the "right" time, having kept her up an hour, has done nothing to reset what time she wants to wake up.  I am hoping fervently that she went back to sleep, since all's quiet upstairs.

Can I blame the time change for forgetting things?  I forgot to bring my milk jug to return to the grocery store, I forgot to bring my aunt's birthday card with me when I went to see her yesterday, I almost forgot that Tuesday is election day, despite Obama reminding me in my inbox sixteen times a day.  Don't worry, I already mailed in my ballot weeks ago.

Maeve has been pretty nutty this weekend, too, although I can't say it's any worse than usual.  She has begun this habit of talking to herself in a squeaky falsetto when she's happy, reciting to herself recent events or plot points from books and tv shows.  She'll be sitting in the backseat of the car, squeaking along: and then we went to the mirr-se-um and saw the mask on the alligator, and the mammoth, and I touched the scarves, and we play outside, and I runned away, and Mommy SQUEEZE me, and we saw snowflakes at Kai's house, and...

I am hoping for a better day today- I don't mind Maeve being a nut, but I would rather have my memory and brain-power back.  I will need more coffee to make this plan work, I think.

Time-change outfit picking.  Hmmmm.

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  1. Maeve certainly has a unique sense of fashion! I hate time changes. I don't understand who thinks that you can just change your internal clock.