Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's Your Voice

You know how the sound of your child's voice moves you like nothing else?  Any kid can make a squeak or squawk and you can ignore it with ease, but that particular little squeaky squawk made by the child of your heart would wake you out of a dead sleep, shoots adrenaline directly into your brain, and makes you jump sometimes even when you expected it.  Your child's voice is unique to you in the whole of the universe.

And so it is with your vote.  No one else has your song in their heart, no one else knows the words.  Even if you align very well with a political party, your views are completely yours, and cannot be voiced by anyone else the way they feel to you.  So don't silence your voice, your own uniqueness, don't silence yourself.  Would you shush your child after asking what s/he believes?  Then don't give silence as your response today.

Sing your own song, sing it loud, but with a paper and pen or a voting machine.  Today is your day to tell this nation how to govern itself, how to take care of the least of these, how to regulate, or not.  Don't let anyone tell you your vote doesn't count; the only people who say that are the ones that don't value your voice or your opinion.  To say a vote doesn't count is a lie, every voice in a choir alters the sound, ask any choir director.  The only way a voice doesn't change the choir is if it doesn't sing.

So sing today.  Vote today.  Choose, like my little girl does, to celebrate every facet of the sounds you can make, and like a toddler with an attitude, make your will known to the universe.  Oh yes.

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