Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Exceeding my Expectations

Can I brag again?  Pretty sure I can.

Maeve has been lately not eating all that much, especially not at dinner.  And if you've been reading all along, you know about how I've stressed about her very negative reactions to chaotic environments.

Well.  Yesterday she had two big playdates, and for lunch, we brought home Costco hot dogs, always a fan favorite around here.  Maeve really just about finished hers, which was impressive since she usually takes three bites and is done.  And this while sitting at a table with her friend K, which I would have thought was going to distract her.

Then at dinnertime, we ate at our neighbor B's house.  Not only did she eat three helpings of spaghetti, she also had some bread, and saved room for dessert!  That's a big change for her, maybe we're on another growth spurt.

B's house was a little chaotic last night, since his mommies have just adopted a new, very young dog, and B's little brother is competing for who can make the most noise.  It was happy noise and chaos, mind you, but the kind of thing that would have sent Maeve screaming to me and clinging for dear life not three or four months ago, and she just played through the whole thing.  You could tell it bothered her sometimes, but she coped so beautifully. 

As we walked home, we got a stream of facts about the night sky, how the stars twinkle and they're made of gas and the sun is a star but it's really close to us and the planets orbit around the sun... and on and on.  I love it when she's so excited that she just starts spouting random facts and reciting things we've done that day, it's very endearing. 

Maeve had a great day yesterday, so thanks to our friends for playing with us, and thanks to my dear, brave, big girl Maeve who did such great thinking, eating, playing, and dealing with the world around her. 
She knows these things because she 'sleeps' in her rocket.

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