Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Tickle Tackle

"If you tickle us do we not laugh?" - The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare

 One of the goofy games we play in our house is a tickle tackle.  Maeve tackles Daddy or I, then we proceed to remove her elbow from our eyeball and give her a serious tickling.  It is nothing if not painful and hilarious.

I used to worry about tickling her, that maybe we would upset her if we did it too much, but I will be told in no uncertain terms what to do, whether I am tickling too much or too little.  So I just listen to her, and that seems to work out fine.

The thing I like best about the tickle tackle is that it often results with her face pressed up next to mine, which for any mother is going to become a smooch attack.  So there are smooches and tickles and it's generally pretty awesome, except if she leans across my throat or knees me in the stomach.  But these are a very small price to pay for being squashed by my favorite person. 

There is also a terrible, affectionate beast that shows up when she's being unbuckled in the car, called the Smoochy Monster.  It's a very aggressive monster that immediately smooches her face all over while simultaneously unbuckling her from the carseat.  Sometimes you just gotta let out that inner beast.
Although all those tickle tackles can really wear a person out by the end of the day.

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