Friday, November 16, 2012

Poem, with disclaimers

Disclaimer 1: This is not my poem, it is by Sandra Boynton, who is a famous children's author. 

Disclaimer 2: I know it's early for a Christmas poem, but not by that much, so bear with me.

Disclaimer 3: This poem makes me cry a little.  If you are a mom, watch out.  This is the kind of thing that gets to us, through no fault of our own.

Christmas Lullaby  by Sandra Boynton

What do I want for Christmas?
The greatest gift by far:
It's you I want for Christmas,
Exactly as you are,
Oh, exactly as you are.

Good night, my little present,
All wrapped in red and white.
May all your dreams by merry
Throughout this winter night,
Oh, throughout this winter night.

Good night, my little present,
And always peace to you.
I've nothing more to ask for-
You are my wish come true,
Oh, you are my wish come true.

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