Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Bouncy Day

I don't have a deep, pithy blog for you today, I think I spent all that energy yesterday.    But imagine how my day went when Maeve announced to me that it was going to be a Very Bouncy Day.

The day was so bouncy, I'm relieved I took her to an indoor playplace to get some of those bounces out and about.  It had a giant inflated slide, it had bouncy mesh areas, it had bouncy swings, and she took full bouncing advantage off all of the above.  She ran around ceaselessly for two hours, and I kept happily thinking to myself what a great nap she was going to have. Ha.

But when we got home, she bucked the nap, twice.  It was too bouncy a day for naps.

We visited a friend of mine for the first time at her home, and Maeve was almost instantly into everything.  She found a big exercise ball and promptly started rolling around on it.  To prevent black eyes and goose eggs on the head, I made her sit on it and held her hands, so she could bounce, at which point she reminded me that it was a Very Bouncy Day.  And she proceeded to bounce off the walls until we left. (Without breaking anything or gaining any bruises!)

We also took a Very Bouncy Bath in the evening.  Maeve was so bouncy, and I was exhausted from all the bouncing and lack of naps.  I hope very plainly that today is not quite so bouncy, and that a nice, long nap is indicated.  Daddy gets home late, late tomorrow night, and we will be a family again on Friday, and then she can bounce as much as she wants.

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