Monday, January 14, 2013

Come On, LilMommy!

"You feel bad, lemme tell ya, we all get the blues.
Sometimes life is a burden way down in your shoes" - Abba, Hole in Your Soul

To help keep sanity firmly on my team while Daddy is gone, Maeve and I have been having spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen.  We put on the dancing song (as quoted above) and just let loose for awhile.  She likes how the song changes tempo, so we can do both ballet and rock in the same song. 

The difference between her and I is that I like to dance to the song once, and she prefers it to run over and over until she's fully satisfied that Mommy is on the brink of falling down on the floor from exhaustion.  But here's the thing: when she grabs my hand, and says Come on, Little Mommy, let's dance!  I'm actually incapable of refusing.  She might already know that.

Our friends have been so kind to visit, or invite us around, and we've been kept nicely busy, so the time is going quicker than it might, but Friday still seems a long ways away.  So be thinking about Maeve and I this week, dancing our hearts out, dancing away from missing Daddy too much, temporarily letting rock and roll fill the hole in our souls.


  1. Maeve is an awesome dancer! I'm guessing her primary influences include the Muppets and possible the Charlie Brown cast? Great video. :-)

    1. LOL yes she's definitely a Muppet dancer!