Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mommy's Job Is:

So during a casual game of Where's Maeve? I Saw Her Just a Minute Ago and Then She Stepped Into the Closet, I was asking Maeve what my job is, as a Mommy.  I asked her, what's the most important and special thing Mommy does for our family? 

She appeared to consider for a moment, and then replied, "Making cookies!" 

Well, gosh, it is an awfully big job, making cookies for this family, and I do it about once a week.  Plus, cookies aren't just about cookies, when you think about it metaphorically.  Cookies are all the sweet, entirely unnecessary things I do in a day that make it brighter and more fun for our family.  Right?

So then I asked, "What is Maevie's job?"  And without missing a beat, she said, "Making cookies with Mommy!"

Draw your own conclusions, but I'm pretty sure what she meant was that she loves doing all those sweet, unnecessary things with me.  Or just that she really, deeply loves to eat raw cookie dough.  Or both.

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