Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Monkey Poop Kitty

So we've arrived at the age where potty humor is the epitome.  Luckily, Maeve does not run around with potty talk coming out of her all the time, but she does love slapstick and potty humor best of all, when it comes to the big laughs.

She's been playing with the Talking Ginger app for quite awhile now, but only recently decided it would be really funny if the cat said monkey poop.  See, when you talk into the mike, the cat repeats what you say.  And the funniest thing to repeat is monkey poop.  Hence Maeve's new name for the app: Monkey Poop Kitty.

I honestly don't know where she came up with monkey poop, although I have pointed out dog and goose poop to her, lately, to keep her from stepping in it.  So it has probably been a recent revelation that animals just poop wherever they want to. 

Scatological references aside, I think the best part of the app is that after you make the cat take a shower, you can blow-dry them, and their fur poufs up.  I am a big fan of the poufy kitty.  This app also has a toothbrush timer for kids, if you were looking for some redeeming features.

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